Monday, 6 November 2017

Bruce Springsteen Special Collections

My zines Me and Bruce #1-3 are part of an ongoing zine series about my love of Bruce. Because in case you didn't already know, I really love Bruce Springsteen.

You can find my zines in a lot of libraries round the world but I'm super excited to announce that my Me and Bruce zine series are now available in the Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music at Monmouth University, NJ.

Monmouth University is home to the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection which collects books, fanzines, ephemera, journals, newspapers,and recordings on Bruce Springsteen. There are over 95 individual zine titles relating to Bruce in the special collections which are now part of the Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music, and my zines are joining them! 

When I'm not making zines and comix I'm a Liaison Librarian for a gallery library by day, so if someone wants to get me a new job in the Springsteen Special Collections combining my love of working with special collections and Bruce, then that would be rad. 

Me and Bruce #4 is coming very soon

Monday, 9 October 2017


Apparently it's ocd awareness week. So hi everyone, I have OCD.

Here's a shoddy comic I made about ocd from Cool Schmool #1

My ocd isn't really linked to cleanliness or tidiness like a lot of people think, although this is common for lots of other people. My ocd is about a bunch of different weird rituals and patterns I feel compelled to do, that make me feel anxious and upset if I don't do them. I count things and objects and people, I have to touch things a certain number of times, I check certain things over and over, and I have to do daft things like tap my arms or my chest or my head a certain number of time or a certain way. I also have nervous tics where I move and stretch my body a certain way over and over again without being able to stop. That's also really bloody exhausting. And then I have unwanted intrusive thoughts which run on a loop and can be a bit scary and don't make a lot of sense. 

I don't have anything  insightful to say about ocd that hasn't already been said by super smart and articulate people who have written articles/papers/comics demystifying and debunking aspects of ocd so I won't even try. But getting diagnosed with ocd really helped me put all these things together and things started to make a bit more sense. 

You can get more information on ocd here. I'd like to write/draw more about my experiences with ocd but for now if you know of any other zines and comics on the subject then get in touch!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Sparks fly on E Street

Apparently a year ago today I was in New Jersey on a Bruce Springsteen pilgrimage.

I went to the house where Bruce wrote Born to Run, I saw the factory which Bruce wrote Factory about, I saw Madam Marie's, we drove down Kingsley, and went on a super emotional tour of Springsteen's past. And then weirdly we ended up meeting Bruce himself at a book signing the very next day.

I'm still working on documenting the full trip for an upcoming issue of Me and Bruce zine although I draw ridiculously slow so it's taking a while. But I also recorded part of it in the last issue of Cool Schmool zine

You can see my Bruce pilgrimage in Cool Schmool #2 as well as my thoughts on being sober, Eastenders as a communist utopia, playing in a band, friendship breakups, the problem with lads at gigs, and feeling sad. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Make a Scene

I'm really excited to be hosting a zine making workshop for young people in October at the Barbican as part of Too Young For What? - a day of activities celebrating Basquiat.

Roland Hagenberg, Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, 1983

I'll be co-hosting the free zine making workshop for young people called Making A Scene with the amazing zinester and artist Megan Pickering and we'll be making collages and zine pages inspired by Basquiat and diy cultures. There's so much happening in the same space that day with collage, poetry, photography, panel discussions and performances and it's all free!

And then I'll be doing some more zine related work with Barbican in the next few months for another Basquiat related project which I'm so excited for.

Zine workshops rule and I'm on a proper high from some of the zine related learning events I've been hosting this week. The young zinesters I've been working with are so sincere and smart and brave and earnest and talented and I've just been crying all over the photocopier. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

UK and Ireland Zine Librarians meet up

In 2015 I helped set up the UK and Ireland Zine Librarians group with Leila Kassir, as a space for zine librarians to share advice, support, and resources.

Since then we've made a zine together, had our first meeting, and promoted our zine collections. I'm now getting ready to host our second meet up next month! 

We will be meeting Thursday 5th October at Manton Studio, Tate Britain in London 1pm - 5pm. It's free to attend and you can book a place here:

UIZL meetup is open to everyone who works with zines regardless of job title/ professional status/ qualifications/type of zine collection. It's especially open to anyone who is thinking of starting a zine library and wants to chat with other people working with zine collections to get some advice.

We'd all love to meet more regularly or even organise some kind of conference/event if we can, but we are a small group at the moment and we are still finding our feet. But I'm very excited about having lots of zine chats and thinking of ways to to promote our zine collections and make what we do a bit more accessible. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Photocopiers are magic

Cool Schmool #2 is now FINALLY back in stock after a 4th printing and all my August shop orders are being sent out this week.


Cool Schmool is my comic perzine and issue 2 looks at friendships, mental health, Eastenders, playing in a band, being sober, and the problem with lads at gigs. You can get it from me at Leeds zine fair this weekend or from my zine shop:

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Leeds Zine Fair 2017

August was my month of no zines! I closed down my zine shop for the month, I didn't make a single new zine or hold a zine workshop or event or display or anything! Instead I went to Scotland, saw amazing art, ate vegan junk food, healed my soul with nature, went on tour with my band, got tonsillitis, went on some clifftop walks, and watched Summerslam. 

But I'm back in the zine zone and before I start work on some upcoming zine projects I'll be heading to Leeds Zine Fair on Sunday 10th. I hope to see you there!

I'll have all my old zines back in stock, including my new mini comic zine Taking Up Space