I'm Holly Casio and I make diy zines and comix. I also host zine making workshops, talks, and zine related events and exhibitions.

I love Bruce Springsteen, comics, bedroom dancing, and queer activism. I write here about the things that I love and the zines and comix that I make.

I've been writing zines since 1999. Back then I called them fanzines, because they were about the things I loved. They still are today although they've progressed from teenage riot grrrl punk zines to more personal zines and comix. I love pop culture, I love loving things, and I like writing about my own queer/feminist identity in relation to the things I love and hate. My zines and comix are about pop culture, class, obsessions, mental health, and queer stuff. 

And yeah you might also know me as the girl who writes about Bruce Springsteen. I write about him a LOT

You can view my full illustrated zine bibliography here:


You can find me at UK zine fairs or buy my zines in my zine shop:

As well as writing zines I also make queer bedroom pop music in my Buffy inspired diy punk band The Potentials. I also set up the UK Zine Librarians group, I dj at queer dance parties, I am a radical cheerleader, and I watch a lot of Food Network. 

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