I make queer zines and diy comics. 

I'm also a writer and workshop facilitator based in London. I've hosted educational sessions, talks, and zine related events and displays with Tate, The Barbican, Camden Arts Centre,and University of the Arts London.

Invite me to host a workshop/talk/event with you!

I began making zines in 1999 inspired by riot grrrl and queerxcore movements as a way to find and create my own communities. I think I'm always looking for those communities. My zines and comics explore mental health,fat bodies, class, uk queer punk scenes, pop culture, and Bruce Springsteen. Reading and making zines have connected me to so many people and they saved my life in a very real and tangible way.

My zines are diy and I use the most simple  cut and paste collage techniques, line drawings, and cut and paste text.

I believe that zines are diy. That they are not made for profit. That they are radical and important. My essay on the commodification of zines is here

My long running zine series Me and Bruce explores fandoms and obsessions from a queer perspective in relation to Bruce Springsteen. My chapter Is there anybody alive out there: growing up queer with Bruce is featured in the publication Bruce Springsteen and Popular Music ed. William I Wolff.  I'm still waiting for someone to ask me to give a TED talk on Bruce Springsteen. 

My zines are collected in the British Library, University of Arts London libraries, Stuart Hall Library, Tate Library, Queer Zine Archive Project, and the Bruce Springsteen Special Collections held at Monmouth University, New Jersey.


I co-founded the UK and Ireland Zine Librarians Network and I developed zine collections at Iniva's Stuart Hall Library with my colleague Sonia Hope, and in Tate's Library.  

When I'm not making zines I makes queer punk music, go to wrestling shows, watch a lot of Food Network, and listen to sad Springsteen songs in the dark.

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