Friday, 14 June 2019

Glasgow Zine Library

The wonderful collective behind one of my fave zine fairs Glasgow Zine Fest, are also the one and the same team who run Glasgow Zine Library, and they need your help in securing a permanent home for their collections.

I love zine libraries. I'm a zine librarian myself and I also co-founded the UK and Ireland Zine Librarians group. Zines libraries, particularly diy run zine libraries are such a vital way of preserving and sharing invisible histories and communities and knowledge. Zine libraries also encourage readers to become makers. I think just visiting a zine library is powerful and often has a deeper impact in inspiring people to make their own zines more successfully than a zine workshop ever can.

Zine libraries which aren't affiliated with universities and galleries are faced with more challenges. They don't have secured spaces or funding but they do have a more genuine connection with DIY zine communities.

So when a zine library loses it's temporary space it's positive to see the diy zine community rallying round to help crowdfund for a new permanent home. The precarious nature of diy venues is something I'm sure we can all relate to. Glasgow Zine Library are not only crowdfunding for a space for their zine collection but a space to hold workshops and other public events as well as provide community print facilities.

I contributed to the Glasgow Zine Library crowdfund video and chatted about the importance of zine libraries here:

You can donate to the zine library crowdfunder here:

Art by the incredible Saffa Khan

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