Thursday, 18 April 2019

Oh my zine

Oh My Zine exhibition opens today at The Bowery in Leeds and if all you want from an exhibition of zines is overly earnest queer Springsteen obsessions then buckle up.

The exhibition celebrates zines and diy publications and features zines by 105 Women Press, Ben Cooney, Bobbi Rae Gastall, Chella Quint, Lauren Pascal, Okocha Obasi, Patrick Wray.

You can find extracts from my zine Me and Bruce: Queers on the Edge of Town displayed as part of the exhibition. Here's a little trailer of me making the zine from last year

In the zine I talk about small town teenage loneliness as the ultimate queer experience in Springsteen songs, I imagine Bruce as the hot queer butch girl of my dreams, and I massively appropriate lyrics from songs to be about my doomed queer teen romance. Who doesn't love turning lyrics about unrequited love and intense co-dependent friendships into a sad queer love story?

In the exhibition you can find panels from my comic interpretation of Backstreets, a Springsteen song about overly complicated friendships and hiding feelings and keeping things on the downlow and then everything feeling like total shit.

And you can also find prints of Springsteen illustrations which didn't make it into the zine but did become postcards instead:

Prints and zines are available to buy in the shop. The exhibition is on from 18th - 21st June.

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