Monday, 1 April 2019

Glasgow zine cataloguing workshop

I'm also hosting a zine cataloguing workshop on the Sunday as part of the zine fest. I'll be repping the UK and Ireland Zine Libraries group (UIZL) as part of a bigger project.

At our last UIZL meeting we discussed the idea of creating an accessible and collaborative toolkit for anyone working with zine collections either in institutional libraries or diy community run spaces to share advice on how to collect and catalogue material. Over the last few months I've been involved in hosting zine cataloguing workshops aimed at librarians, but this is a workshop aimed at zine makers and zine readers.

The idea of the workshop is to talk about some of the ethical implications of libraries and archives collecting zines, and prioritising the concerns of the diy zine community. All zinesters and zine readers are welcome. I'm hoping to share some ideas about cataloguing and ask the zine community to reflect on how they might feel about having their work collected in libraries, and think about ways zinesters can impact on the ways libraries and archives catalogue their work. Zine librarianship has to be diy led rather than library led, and this workshop will be a good opportunity to gaugue feedback from zinesters and to hopefully provide ways for zinesters to become involved.

Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate on a zine during the workshop which will then be presented to the UK and Ireland Zine Libraries group to inform their cataloguing work later this summer.

Tickets are on a sliding scale and can be booked here:

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