Saturday, 2 February 2019

Grap Grrrlz

New year, new projects! And in a world where there are already too many wrestling podcasts, I've gone and made a queer feminist wrestling podcast with my bff.

I used to play in The Potentials with Shahnaz where we made music inspired by Buffy. Since the band split last year we've both been wanting to do something creative with each other again and chatting about wrestling seemed like a good plan. Stepping out of the world of queer diy punk communities and into the world of wrestling feels mega daunting but Grap Grrrlz is a place for us to chat about all the things we love, new promotions we discover, as well as getting a chance to talk to other diy musicians who love wrestling.

Our first episode of Grap Grrrlz is out now! You can also find us on iTunes + Spotify + Stitcher

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