Thursday, 13 December 2018

2018 zines

This year has been a blur, and I'm sure once I've had a minute to catch my breath I'll do some kind of run down looking back through all my various zine activities this year. But honestly it's just much more fun to look back and hype up all the amazing zines I've been able to read in 2018. Thanks to zine makers, zine fests, and zine libraries everywhere for getting these fun and inspiring zines into my life.

Sapphic Angst Fest by Georgina Turner

This was the Broken Pencil zine awards 2018 winner all about Berena on Holby City because queer representation on telly is pretty much my favourite subgenre of zines.

Fat Blokes edited by Unskinny Bop

I'm a bit biased because I have a comic featured in this zine, but the whole zine compilation is a collection of fat positive stories and art, resisting psychic death and glorifying obesity published to coincide with Fat Blokes, the latest show from Scottee.

My fluffy son: comics about Bennie the cat by Siobhán Britton

A wonderful homage to the best cat Bennie featuring a collection of comics and drawings of Bennie's origin story, his fave things, and his nemesis.

Poor Lass no. 8: Identity edited by Seleena Daye and Em Ledger

The final print copy my fave zine Poor Lass ends on such a wonderful note. Featuring a collection of stories from working class contributers. The zine may have ended but lives on in the new Poor Lass podcast.

Reserve and Renew: the LIS mental health zine

This zine was a very timely and perfect companion to my own spiralling mental health as a result of working in libraries. I find it equally rage inducing and validating to read about other library workers and their experiences which are similar to mine. Strongly recommend this to anyone working in libraries.

Residency by Olivia Sparrow

A really raw and honest zine made during an art residency with Manchester School of Art. The zine discusses class and mental health and uses writing, images, and real emails sent between Oliva and the university.

We let our battles choose us by Ed Blair 

A really wonderful piece of writing in the form of a mini zine dedicated to wrestler Masashi Takeda. It's such a joyous zine about loving wrestling as well as some of the fucked up ways it can be problematic and difficult to engage with. For fellow wrestling and zine pals I also urge you to check out Ed's zine distro Holy Demon Army

Fuck what you love vol. 3 edited by Claire Biddles

A zine series all about popstars and crushes with contributions from women and LGBTQIA people. Popstar crushes is my other favourite genre of zines and this series is just so wonderful, personal, and earnest. (I can't find a link to the buy the latest issue but you can click through to buy issue 2 of this amazing zine)

 Glorious wresting apocalypse by Josh Hicks

  This is the third issue in the wrestling alliance series and while I was going to make a seperate post about my favourite comics from 2018 I really just wanted to squeeze this onto the zine list for now as it features my all time most relateable panel in a comic which I'm sure all zinesters can relate to.

Kinky zine

Everyone's favourite queer punx band broke up this year and instead of leaving us with a national helpline like Take That did, they've left us with this beautiful zine with lyrics, photos, and art work from their time together.

Queer Grief zine

A really powerful and hard to read zine about queer grief with contributions from queer conributors. This features some very powerful contributions and is a beautiful zine to read and share.

Lonely zine by Soofiya

A really lovely mini riso zine about times of lonliness capturing moments of isolation felt by someone who is visibly gender non-conforming and ace. I love that Soofiya's zines are small enough to carry in pockets and share with other people. 

Keep Going by Heena

I was so sad to have missed Over Here Zine Fest ths year but absolutely made up to get this long awaited zine from Heena in the post instead. Anxiety, depression, and bikes in Heena's new perzine and I'm hoping there is more to come.

Queer Crush by Melissa

Seriously pop star crushes is the best fucking zine genre of all time. I don't make the rules. This mini zine was made on the occasion of Melissa coming out and compiling a zine of old celebrity crushes. I love zines that deal with feelings of imposter syndrome and not being queer enough, and combine that with pop crushes then this is just perfect.

Sew irregular zine

Sew Irregular is a zine all about clothes and fashion including the Salvaged project, Janelle Monae as a fashion icon, embroidery and mental health, and drag. 

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