Monday, 9 October 2017


Apparently it's ocd awareness week. So hi everyone, I have OCD.

Here's a shoddy comic I made about ocd from Cool Schmool #1

My ocd isn't really linked to cleanliness or tidiness like a lot of people think, although this is common for lots of other people. My ocd is about a bunch of different weird rituals and patterns I feel compelled to do, that make me feel anxious and upset if I don't do them. I count things and objects and people, I have to touch things a certain number of times, I check certain things over and over, and I have to do daft things like tap my arms or my chest or my head a certain number of time or a certain way. I also have nervous tics where I move and stretch my body a certain way over and over again without being able to stop. That's also really bloody exhausting. And then I have unwanted intrusive thoughts which run on a loop and can be a bit scary and don't make a lot of sense. 

I don't have anything  insightful to say about ocd that hasn't already been said by super smart and articulate people who have written articles/papers/comics demystifying and debunking aspects of ocd so I won't even try. But getting diagnosed with ocd really helped me put all these things together and things started to make a bit more sense. 

You can get more information on ocd here. I'd like to write/draw more about my experiences with ocd but for now if you know of any other zines and comics on the subject then get in touch!