Friday, 22 September 2017

Make a Scene

I'm really excited to be hosting a zine making workshop for young people in October at the Barbican as part of Too Young For What? - a day of activities celebrating Basquiat.

Roland Hagenberg, Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, 1983

I'll be co-hosting the free zine making workshop for young people called Making A Scene with the amazing zinester and artist Megan Pickering and we'll be making collages and zine pages inspired by Basquiat and diy cultures. There's so much happening in the same space that day with collage, poetry, photography, panel discussions and performances and it's all free!

And then I'll be doing some more zine related work with Barbican in the next few months for another Basquiat related project which I'm so excited for.

Zine workshops rule and I'm on a proper high from some of the zine related learning events I've been hosting this week. The young zinesters I've been working with are so sincere and smart and brave and earnest and talented and I've just been crying all over the photocopier. 

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