Sunday, 24 September 2017

Sparks fly on E Street

Apparently a year ago today I was in New Jersey on a Bruce Springsteen pilgrimage.

I went to the house where Bruce wrote Born to Run, I saw the factory which Bruce wrote Factory about, I saw Madam Marie's, we drove down Kingsley, and went on a super emotional tour of Springsteen's past. And then weirdly we ended up meeting Bruce himself at a book signing the very next day.

I'm still working on documenting the full trip for an upcoming issue of Me and Bruce zine although I draw ridiculously slow so it's taking a while. But I also recorded part of it in the last issue of Cool Schmool zine

You can see my Bruce pilgrimage in Cool Schmool #2 as well as my thoughts on being sober, Eastenders as a communist utopia, playing in a band, friendship breakups, the problem with lads at gigs, and feeling sad. 

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