Thursday, 1 September 2016

We are the potentials

We made a pop video! Our new video for The Potentials theme from our new ep came out this week and I'm so excited.

I first saw a draft version of the video on my phone on the train back from tour a couple of weeks ago, and it prolonged the post-tour blues just for a bit. But now the final version is here for everyone to see!

We'd been wanted to make a pop video for ages and the little cut and paste job I did last year for Slayerfest doesn't really count. I wrote down some ideas and we sent them to the amazing Brit and Jojo who had come out to film us before including this interview in the toilets at our Spring Fling gig

We asked all our mates to be in it too and we had lots of fun running around in park and playing with fake blood. My main memory of filming this is being on crutches as my arthritis in my foot was so painful I could hardly stand and as soon as Jojo would yell cut I would hobble away with a throbbing foot. All I remember is the pain and the heat and the sunburn. But look at this video, you can't see any of that, you can just see some of the best people every being slayers in training and vampires with us!

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