Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sick Sad World Tour!

Pretty soon I'll be getting in the partymobile with my band The Potentials, and our mates The Whatevers and FOMO and going on a week long summer tour and so of course there's a tour zine too!

We've made a compilation zine together with interviews, top tips, puzzles, comix, and a special guide to tour pilates!

The zine is a tour exclusive, meaning we've done a limited print run and won't be printing anymore after tour, so once they're gone, they're gone. So come see us on tour if you want a copy!

We went on a summer tour last year with Yiiiikes! and Joyless Fucking and it was the most fun ever and we knew we really wanted to do it again. So we used up our last bits of annual leave and planned an 8 day trip with our mates and now the countdown begins!

Art by the bloody wonderful Polly Richards

We are also releasing our new ep on Monday 8th August on Keroleen records. It's beautiful, check out the artwork that the incredibly talented Jack Fallows created:

I'm dead excited for our ep to come out. We recorded it a couple of months ago during a weekend when I had tonsillitis and a massive chest infection. The good thing about recording is that I now have a cd to remind me for life of chugging lemsip between takes and not being able to breath through my nose or swallow properly or sing or talk at all. Thank god for reverb. 

Planning a tour can be a lot of work and asking promoters to put on three totally unknown out of town bands is a BIG ask. It's been fun and challenging and tiring (although I will never understand promoters that agree to put you on but then never ever ever answer your emails or phonecalls. Promoters that are also in bands themselves so would understand how stressful that could be). I think planning our summer tour last year has definitely made us all better gig organisers ourselves as the diy scene is so reciprocal and it's made us think a lot about how we put on shows and how to accommodate touring bands. There are so many people that are incredibly generous with their time, willing to put us on, find us floor space to sleep on, borrow us equipment, and feed us vegetables so we don't get scurvy and we are so so so grateful. But most of the work for this tour is over and all that's left to do is to hop into the van driven by our good mate Kathleen of Scratch that Itch zine, and cross our fingers for hash browns and cool tour pets along the way. 

Come see us!

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