Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Zine weekender

Zine fest season has begun and so has the internal panic that I haven't made a new zine in a few months. Luckily there's nowt quite like a month off work with a fractured ankle and a painful cyst removal from my bum to inspire creativity from my sickbed and there'll be some new zines from me just in time for my zine weekender.

The first of the new zines is a collaboration with Seleena Daye with art by Emma Thacker. Can you even believe this is mine and Seleena's first joint zine together since the heady days of 2001? It's a full on fanzine capturing one of our most recent obsessions. Here's a clue: 

The second zine is my first ever perzine. I'm much more comfortable making fanzines or zines focused on a specific subject or theme, so making a perzine all about me is a bit massively terifying. But it's ok, it doesn't really get massively deep, and I made it into a shoddily drawn comic covering stuff like ocd, Bruce Springsteen, Food Network, and being in a band. If you are a fan of things that look like they were drawn by kids then this is the zine for you. 

So I'll be tabling at Sheffield Zine Fest again this year which a right bunch of ace faces on Saturday 30th April 11am - 4pm.

 And then on Sunday 1st May I'll be taking part in the Salford Zine Library zine readings at Sounds From The Other City fest. 

 Wristbands for SFTOC are avilable here  plus Tacocat and Martha and Joey Fourr and a bunch of other babes all playing the fest and it's also Seleena Daye's birthday, so it's kind of a big deal and you really should be there. 

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