Thursday, 25 February 2016

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New year and no new posts yet. So here's a quick catch up...

I moved house for the 17th time and me and Kyle moved just up the road to Bruce Grove. I don't think it's haunted and it's probably the nicest flat I've ever lived in. I'm just waiting for the landlord to put the rent up. I still haven't unpacked everything and I never ever want to move again.

Sponsored by Ikea.

I finished my final book chapter draft after super burnout I'M NEVER TOUCHING THIS BOOK CHAPTER EVER AGAIN tantrum from last year, I learned that writing book chapters is hard and I'm glad I dont have to do that for my job,. The book is called Bruce Springsteen and popular music: rhetoric, memorial, and contemporary culture and is due for release in September. And now Bruce himself has announced he's releasing his own biography that month so like our main competition is The Boss, which is weird. His book wont have a chapter by me though so how good can it actually be?

I aimed to re-watch all the old X-Files before the new X-Files started but I only got as far as season 4 before the new ones started and to be honest I'm probably gonna stop at season 6 again. My thoughts on new x-files so far without being spoilery is I don't like Gillian Anderson's wig. Having just finished season 3 where her hair is at peak volume, I'm sad that the current wig is a bit lifeless. 

 photo scully_zpsi2npetja.gif

I'm having quite a bad time with my ocd at the moment and have developed some terribly attractive nervous tics and some other odd and frustrating behaviours that I'm tying hard to keep under control. It's a bit bad at the moment and I've got a bit shit at socialising, but I'm gonna be ok. That bit's not quite so fun as the others on this list.

Gonna dance my way through it just like Zefron did

I've got three zines on the go, and one of them requires extensive research with co-writer Seleena Daye.

I didn't get Bruce Springsteen tickets this morning when they went on sale because I'm skint and still recovering from the last time he toured and I took out a credit card to follow him round the country which I'm still paying back. I'm going to see him in Dublin though so don't worry.

I love the band Molar so much. We've played with them a couple of times now and they do the best Slant 6 cover and are such lovely people. They are playing loads at the moment so go see them.

I went to the women and comics exhibition at Kings Cross and loved it

Art by Laura Callaghan

I'm doing a library event on photobooks in May that I'm not even thinking about yet.

And I'm putting on this dream fest in a few weeks with all my favourite bands in one room. Check out this beautiful poster made by Sumena!

We are playing with Personal Best, Milk Crimes, Nachthexen, and Dirty Girl and tickets are available here.

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