Thursday, 31 December 2015

Best zines 2015

It's been a BUSY old year. I moved house, saw a Bruce Springsteen tribute band, went on tour with a bunch of weirdos, and chatted about periods with Judy Blume. I tabled at 8 zine fests, I led two zine workshops, and I hosted a library event on zines and self publishing in art. And I made a bunch of new zines too:

Bruxcore - a zine about Irn Bru

UK Zine Librarians - a comp zine about zine librarians

Show and Tell - zine accompanying library zine event

I heart Food Network

Slayerfest 2015 zine

But there were so many amazing zines this year and there are a fucktonne of inspiring and earnest and talented zinesters out there. Here are my top zines of the year

Butt Springsteen 
CJ Reay

CJ's tribute to Bruce Springsteen's bum is a masterpiece. A MASTERPIECE.

Poor Lass 
Seleena Daye/ Em Ledger

I contributed to the Education Issue and had a scary but fun time doing a reading of my piece along with co-creators/heroes Seleena and Em at Sheffield Zine fest. My absolute favourite and most important zine right now.

Scratch that itch

2 issues of Scratch That Itch in one year? WHAAA! Issue 4 includes a beauty of a sticker and some proper gut wrenching beautiful writing on PTSD and mental health and . Issue 5 kept me entertained on tour while stuck in traffic for 7 hours in the hot hot heat. Kathleen's writing is amazing and these issues are super slick productions.

Unstraight A
Jack Fallows

Proper honest and incredible writing by the wonderful Jack Fallows on surviving emotional abuse in a super articulate perzine 

Where you lead I will follow
Will Tapply

Gilmore Girls zine!  If you love Gilmore Girls you will love this zine. If you don't love Gilmore Girls then you should watch Gilmore Girls and then you'll love this zine. Yeah yeah they talk really fast, we know. Or as Will says "you're listening too slow"

Cassandra Pentaghast is not my girlfriend
Emily Tulett

I love Emily's d&d zines. This is an ace zine about queering gaming by looking at some of the games which allow you to romance characters of all genders and the frustration that Cassandra Pentaghast in Dragon Age is straight.

Boring Comics
Emma Thacker

Emma's comc zine is just perfect. A collection of thoughts and little stories in a mini comic perzine. I love Emma's art so much and I appreciate anyone who's highlight of an evening is getting home and eating salt and chilli tofu. 

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