Monday, 16 November 2015

Pop video

Last month my band The Potentials put on a super fun Buffy themed halloween party. We played with our mates Yiiikes, Charla Fantasma, PAMs, Snob, and Wolf Girl. 

People came and dressed as characters from Buffy, we also had an Adore Delano, a Guy Fierie, a terrifying American Horror Story costume, and lots of fun things. Seleena from Yiiikes did a tap dance performance to the Buffy theme tune, we had a Cher singalong, and we gave the Class Protector Award to those whose costumes we most loved and there was lots of dancing. It was the best and the comedown was hard.

So our first pop video was filmed at Slayerfest so we can relive all those brilliant memories and remember the one night of the year that our band makes sense to some people.

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