Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Queering the library

In a couple of weeks I’m hosting Queering the library - a free event at my library which looks at narratives of art history and the role of the art library in LGBT art history research. I’ll be pulling out key publications from our collections and looking at examples of queer activism and art, transgender representation and the photobook, queer self-publishing, queer narratives of art history, and key exhibition catalogues and monographs.

Queeroes by Luke Carter. One of the artists' books from our special collections.

I’ll be giving a short introduction in my best posh voice that I use sometimes at work when posh people make me feel self conscious about my accent and discussing what responsibility does the art library have in building collections of LGBT and queer art history and how are these collections formed? How do libraries make these materials accessible and how are these promoted?

I won’t be attempting to create a canon of LGBT art history or listing every queer artist in our collection, instead I will examine the ways in which librarians acquire and collect materials, looking at collection policies, how things are catalogued, the failure of subject indexing, and lots more. It’s also a chance to see some our special collections items including artists’ books, zines, and photobooks, as well as exhibition catalogues and monographs.

The event is free to attend but booking is essential. You can book tickets and find out more about the event here :

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