Thursday, 2 July 2015

Free zine show and tell event

It's International Zine Month and time to let you all know about the show and tell library event I'm hosting tomorrow. The library show and tell event will be held at Tate Britain Library, Friday 3rd July. The event is being run in two free bookable slots. The 12:30pm slot is now fully booked but there are still places available on the 1:30pm slot. Although I highly doubt any eager visitors are going to get turned away because their name isn't on the list, we are a library, we will just be excited that you turned up.

My first zine creation of International Zine Month is a corporate zine I made for work. 

We have a small but developing zine collection as part of the artists' books special collections in our library and almost nobody knows about it. It's a tiny collection which I'm so excited about developing. Back in 2009 I established the zine collection at the Stuart Hall Library with Sonia Hope and it was so amazing to be able to start a zine collection from scratch and I'd always hoped to work with zines again. While zines are my main love, this doesn't always cross over with my day to day library work, so it's really amazing when it does and I'm so excited that we get to develop this collection alongside our other special collections.

I'll be giving a super short rambly and informal talk at the beginning of the event to talk about zines in  a library context. This means I'll be talking about how we as an insitution define zines which can often differ with how I  personally define zines in my every day zinester life, but it works in the context of a special library collection in an art gallery. I'll be talking about the differences between artists' books and zines, and highlighting some of the zines in our collection which include perzines, fanzines, small press comix, political zines, photo zines, art zines, and some other weird stuff. Zinesters, zine librarians, zine lovers, and newbies are all welcome.

Unfortunately the show and tell event will be held during the day so those of you with jobs who weirdly don't feel like blowing your annual leave on a library visit might miss out. BUT I'm hoping to hold a similar type event later this year in the evening or perhaps on a weekend, but it will depend on how well attended this one is for now. So call in sick and come! I'll also be doing my accidental posh voice at work so that will be a bonus.

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