Friday, 22 May 2015

May zine of the month

Butt Springsteen by CJ Reay
April 2015
Black Lodge Press

Zine of the month, more like zine of the YEAR! I love me some Bruce zines, I really really do, and it was ace to have some queer Bruce chats with CJ last month at Bent Fest Queer Zine fest. When I found out CJ had made a zine all about Bruce and his bum it was the best news ever!

Butt Springsteen is a zine celebrating Bruce Springsteen's butt. CJ talks about being mesmerised by Springsteen's butt as a kid, describing it as his first queer experience and goes on to celebrate Springsteen's bum through the ages. From scraggly 70's Bruce, all the up to post-reunion 20002s Bruce, Springsteen and his butt never loses it appeal for CJ. The zine discusses various eras of Bruce, as well as live shows and albums and raises important points like why did Bruce have a goatee in the 80s and 90s, and also that Human Touch isn't the terrible album that everyone makes it out to be.

The zine is full of ace illustrations by CJ and you can get it from Black Lodge Press as well as in person from DIY Cultures this weekend.

I'm also tabling at DIY cultures this weekend. See you there! 

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