Friday, 22 May 2015

May zine of the month

Butt Springsteen by CJ Reay
April 2015
Black Lodge Press

Zine of the month, more like zine of the YEAR! I love me some Bruce zines, I really really do, and it was ace to have some queer Bruce chats with CJ last month at Bent Fest Queer Zine fest. When I found out CJ had made a zine all about Bruce and his bum it was the best news ever!

Butt Springsteen is a zine celebrating Bruce Springsteen's butt. CJ talks about being mesmerised by Springsteen's butt as a kid, describing it as his first queer experience and goes on to celebrate Springsteen's bum through the ages. From scraggly 70's Bruce, all the up to post-reunion 20002s Bruce, Springsteen and his butt never loses it appeal for CJ. The zine discusses various eras of Bruce, as well as live shows and albums and raises important points like why did Bruce have a goatee in the 80s and 90s, and also that Human Touch isn't the terrible album that everyone makes it out to be.

The zine is full of ace illustrations by CJ and you can get it from Black Lodge Press as well as in person from DIY Cultures this weekend.

I'm also tabling at DIY cultures this weekend. See you there! 

Monday, 11 May 2015


I made a zine dedicated to Irn Bru and all those who love it.

The zine charts my obsession with Irn Bru from an early age, to Ladyfest Glasgow 2001 when Allison Wolfe tried some for the first time. Some rather ace people have contributed bits about their love for Irn Bru and features some cocktail recipes and an Irn Bru vegan cupcake recipe.

You can get BruXcore from the Cool Schmool Zine shop or come see me at some zine fairs this year!

Call out for UK Zine Librarians zine

A while ago I set up the UK Zine Librarians group with Leila from LCC. We created the group as a way to share resources among other librarians working with zine libraries and collections in the UK, and to help forge some of those links between institutional libraries and more grassroots diy collections. We have an active jiscgroup and twitter and it's been ace to share info and links and to find out about other zine collections and see some of the similarities in the challenges we face.

One of the things that's really apparent in the group is that zine librarians tend to be super passionate about zines and often make zines themselves. So we are creating our very own UK Zine Librarians zine and looking for contributions from anyone who works with zine collections.

The idea is to create a physical zine sharing resources, providing tips, showing off our passion, and highlighting the varied world of UK zine libraries and I'm hoping that we get a good mixture of contributions from institutional libraries and more diy zine collections.

We are looking for contributions from anyone that works with zine collections, regardless of job title or professional/qualified status. It also doesn't matter if you don't know how to use photoshop, or perhaps have never picked up a pritt stick and scissors before. All contributions are welcome. You can submit anything you like, but here are some topics to get you thinking:

  • Tell us about your zine library and how it is used.
  • What do zines mean to you?
  • What role do zines play in libraries? Why are zine collections important and how can libraries and their visitors benefit from them?
  • What challenges do you face? Skills? Staffing? Budget? Space?
  • What are your favourite zine libraries and why?
  • Tell us about how you set up a zine library collection.
  • Have you ever used zines in libraries for research?
  • Do you have advice for librarians working with zines? Any cataloguing tips? Ideas for fundraising?

This is just a short list, but there's no limit on what you can contribute. You can write, draw, create a comic, submit photos, or show us your collection development policy, anything is welcome. The contributions must relate to zine libraries in the UK and Ireland. There are already existing resources, mostly for zine librarians in the US, and while these are useful, we are interested in developing our own resources.

This isn't an academic journal so please feel free to write in your own voice and style. We won't be checking spelling or grammar and we wont be judging on how creative you are.

The zine will be A5 black and white format. Please consider leaving a small border round the outside of your work to make it easy to photocopy.

You can send your contributions to or get in touch if you would prefer to send a physical copy in the post.

Please feel free to share this call-out to anyone working with zine collections in the UK and Ireland.