Monday, 16 March 2015

Sheffield Zine Fest

I'm full up with lurgy and drinking all the lemon and ginger in the world, but nowt can bring me down after the aceness that was Sheffield Zine Fair this weekend.

Me and my hardcore vertigo did no go on the helter skelter though

On saturday I headed back up to Yorkshire for a day at the Electric Works for Sheffield Zine Fest. The last couple of zine fairs I've tabled at have been quite arty affairs with a lot of artists' books and expensive art zines and it was such a welcoming relief to be back amongst a more diy heavy crowd. It's instantly a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere as some of the arty zine fairs I've tabled at feel quite competitive and my shoddy little photocopied zines look totally out of place. Also the best bonus of all was seeing all my favourite people.

I tabled opposite these rad lasses

Ace face Melanie was tabling opposite with copies of Shape and Situate and COTL, and Seleena and Kandy were next to her selling Sugar Paper zines as well as their own zines. They were joined later on by Em Ledger with Poor Lass #5 making its debut this weekend.

The 2 bags of Percy Pigs powered me through the day and I met some bloody lovely people. I had ace chats about dancing and burnout, and of course Bruce, and I met some people that had been to Bad Rep, the now defunct queer club night I used to run.

I felt totally gutted that my new zine BRUXCORE wasn't ready in time for zine fest as promise. Due to some printing problems, the zine won't be ready until Wednesday this week and I felt bad as I'd promised so many people it would be making it's debut at Sheffield. A couple of people brought me irn bru to trade for the zine and I met a rad lad who was making an irn bru comic, but sadly my own irn bru contribution wasn't on my table. I'll be sending out late copies of the newly printed Irn Bru zine from Wednesday this week to anyone who asked about it and I will have it with me at DIY Cultures as well as Manchester Zine Fair. SORRY!!

There were too many good zines this weekend and my top picks are below. I read them all on the train home and felt dead chuffed and inspired that I know so many brilliant people that can write or draw so brilliantly and honestly.

At the end of the day I joined Seleena and Em in the room dedicated to live zine readings to do a reading of our contributions to the latest issue of Poor Lass zine. We each read extracts from our full pieces and I'm dead proud of Em and Seleena for creating Poor Lass. I'm so glad that zine exists.

After a quick burrito we headed home and I jumped on a packed train back to London feeling dead inspired and happy, reading all my new zines on the train. Knowing that I get to see all these rad lasses again in just a weeks time for Sleater Kinney in Manchester is the best thing ever!

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