Sunday, 29 March 2015

Queering The Boss

After a super awesome day of tabling at Sheffield Zine fest a few weeks ago, I got an email letting me know that my chapter for the new book Bruce Springsteen and Popular Music: Rhetoric, Memorial, and Contemporary Culture published by Routledge has been accepted. My book chapter which is all about queering Bruce (obvs) is gonna be in the publication out next year. I was told earlier last year that Routledge didn’t really want non-academic chapters in the book and as my contribution was produced in the style of a fanzine and was basically a massive collage of Bruce and Clarence Clemons making out that I didn’t really have a hope in hell.

 photo Brucegifsuperbowl_zps23b56b1d.gif

It was weird receiving this news at the same time I’d just had a rad day tabling at a zine fair, revelling in the awesomeness of diy publishing and zine culture. Getting news that my work will be published in a real life proper book as opposed to in the pages of a fanzine felt weird. I still haven’t got all my notes back from the editor yet and it’s likely I will have to change a fucktonne of what I’ve written. I’d spent so long editing and re-writing and then editing my final draft over Christmas and it was driving me a bit bonkers that I couldn’t just throw the whole thing out and just write it as a fanzine instead. A fanzine that I wouldn’t even have to spellcheck let alone get copyright clearance for my Bruce and Clarence kissing collage.

Just one kiss from you my brother

I’m still gonna go ahead with my own fanzine version of this as it’s been over a year since I’ve put out a zine in the Me and Bruce series and I want my Bruce and Clarence kissing collage without copyright somewhere for all to see. But its gonna be dead exciting having a bit of my diy queer fan writing in the new Bruce publication. I collect all books on Bruce. Even the really shit ones, and there are a LOT. I’ve got multiple copies of autobiographies all telling the same, often fabricated stories, as well as so many academic critiques of his work exploring masculinity, politics, and religion and all sorts. I’m addicted to them, and I rarely agree with any of them. But now my own daft voice is gonna be part of those books!

A small selection of my Bruce books. Most of these are awful.

I’m also being interviewed by the editor regarding fan writing and self publishing and will have my audio interview added to the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection held at Monmouth University, New Jersey. This is a special collections library dedicated to Bruce Springsteen FOR REAL and if I can’t be a librarian at my dream library (gizza job) then at the very least I’m gonna be included in the collections. Life dream realised!

In the meantime if you wanna check out my diy non copyright and non spellchecked shoddy as fuck Bruce zines about obsessions, being a dork, and appropriating lyrics to be about growing up working class then you can order copies here

Me and Bruce #1-3

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