Monday, 2 February 2015

Zine fun in 2015

I'm attacking 2015 with all the irn bru fuelled energy I've got!

Things are already looking up what with all my 90s dreams coming true with the return of Sleater Kinney, Babes in Toyland and L7. Even My Mad Fat Diary is coming back for a 3rd series proving that 90s pop culture is just the best and motivates me to dance and write stuff and make stuff like nothing else.. Thanks 1990s, you are the best

I worked my fat ass off toward the end of last year getting a draft of a book chapter ready for submission for a book on Bruce Springsteen to be published this year. While the editor of the book has been super supportive and has made every effort to include my chapter, the academic publishers are less accepting of non academic scum types like myself, so I'm waiting for final confirmation to see whether my hard work will end up in the book.  So I'm preparing myself for a response of 'no way in hell'.

But that's the brilliant thing about zines, because if that email does come back with a big fat 'NO' then I can cut up my words, stick them with some super copyrighted pictures of Bruce together that I have absolutely no intention of seeking permission for, and making it into a zine instead. No waiting for a publisher to release it towards the end of this year, no spell checking, no wishing I'd paid attention to grammar at school, and no over-priced hardback edition. Just lots and lots of pictures of Bruce Springsteen kissing Clarence Clemons' face and 20 pages of my queer interpretation for a quid. I bloody love zines.

I will have all my zines plus some new stickers and badges and stuff at some upcoming zine fairs this year.

First up there's the Zine Fair in Brighton, Feb 22nd at Unitarian Church Hall, New Road, 1.30pm - 4.30pm.

I could only go to one half of the Yorkshire zine weekender last year, so I'm super excited I get to go to Sheffield Zine Fest this year! Sheffield Zine Fest will be held at Electric Works, 14 March, 11am - 6pm.

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