Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Lots of things to do today, revolt in my cunning way

Remember that time I had burnout for a whole year and didn't make or do anything? Well it's all over, thank you Gilmore Girls, you have cured me! I'm ready to make things again and I feel so excited I could burst.

This weekend was a massive posi kick up the bum which was ace. On Saturday I got to see all my favourite people and had a pretty quality time at the Onsind show at Power Lunches. I got to see Leesey be damned amazing with Nick and perform as Joyless Fucking who were fucking wonderful and made me feel dead proud and happy.

Jesus and His Judgemental Father made me so happy because I've missed them now about a billion times now and it's just getting ridiculous. And I got to see Onsind who are always wonderful and I'm an awful shy person who never really tells them that I love their shows, but I really really do and there's usually at least one point during an Onsind show which makes me teary eyed in the best way.

Then Sunday I headed to Brighton to table at Brighton Zine Fair. It was an ace day full of ace people and despite it raining and it being a sunday, some pretty awesome people made it out of the house to come on down and look at some zines. I had some dead good chats with people about Bruce Springsteen, dancing, and PCOS, and gave away copies of my zines to nice people who couldn't afford them but genuinely loved the shit out of Bruce Springsteen. I met someone who laughed at my crappy drawings in my crappy diy commix, and another person spilled their coffee all over my zine table and laughed and then walked away. But  despite that and the super small amount of queers there, I had the best time.

Pic by Lucy Sheehan

I've got 4 zines on the go at the moment and I'm writing songs for new bands and I'm organising some awesome zine stuff at work in my library and I couldn't be happier. So sorry burnout, I think it's time for me to move on. There's dancing and fun to be had and things to make!

It's likely that only one of my zines will be ready to take to Sheffield Zine fest next month, so if you love Irn Bru and want to contribute to my irn bru mini zine then put down the orange stuff and get in touch!

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