Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Irreverent Dance Kickstarter

Just in cased you missed the memo, I love dancing. I wrote a zine about dancing and fat bodies and self care and participating in diy queer cultures through dance which you can get here. And I've written about my involvement with the dance school Irreverent Dance here.

I. Love. Dancing.

Due to lots of big life reasons and health reasons and burnout reasons I've had to scale back a lot of my activity with ID this year as I haven't had the time/money/head space to dance and it's had a huge impact on me. When I don't dance, I feel more down and I struggle. I miss it so much.

And so I should have posted about this ages ago but due to life reasons and holidays of a lifetime (holiday blog post with gratuitous pictures of everything I ate coming soon!) I haven't had the time to share this with everyone, so with just one week to go I want to tell everyone about the Irreverent Dance kickstarter which ends in a few days.

Irreverent Dance are hoping to crowdfund a brand new venue that would be Europe's first ever gender neutral dance studio. With a permanent home, Irreverent Dance could create safer spaces for people wanting to dance. It can offer a space for people who don't feel like they have a 'dancer's body', it will be a fully accessible LGBT friendly space that doesn't restrict space/choreography/teaching style according to gender as traditional dance tends to do. Irreverent Dance is important to so many people, and with a permanent home and an environment that they can fully control, it can offer so many more classes to so many more people, as well as continue outreach work within LGBT communities.

You can find out more about what the kickstarter is aiming to do and why over here:

And most importantly, you can donate to the kickstarter directly here

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