Thursday, 10 July 2014

International Zine Month 2014

It's July! It's International Zine Month!

I've had a lot of LIFE STUFF happen recently and I'm in the middle of burnout so damned hard. So I'm not setting myself any particular goals for IZM this year because if I feel like sitting around watching episodes of Supernatural in my pants then I'm bloody well going to! My head and body need a rest. I've been ill and I've jumped from project to project while dealing with LIFE STUFF and it's just drained me. Remember that zine I wrote about burnout? Yeah well I didn't listen to my own advice it seems.

BUT there is a zine I REALLY want to do this summer. It's a little mini zine called Liferuiners, it's going to be a mini comic and it's going to be a silly little thing. I wont say more than that. Maybe I'll do it for the 24hour zine challenge, or maybe I will take my own sweet time with it. Who knows!

I've started drawing bits of it recently and despite the fact that I'm only drawing stick figures, I've recently learned that beards are hard to draw. And the last thing my burnout needs is a complete and utter breakdown caused my inability to draw beards for a silly mini comic.

So for now my only contribution to IZM is that all my zines in my zine shop are half price for the remainder of the month. You can get them from my zine shop here

And I'll be posting more this month about zine libraries and why they are awesome and updating my mega resource list of zine libraries that I compiled from last year. Happy International Zine Month!


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