Monday, 26 May 2014

DIY Cultures

This weekend I tabled at DIY Cultures, which is my 3rd zine fair this year. It was tonnes of fun and I have so much zine fatigue today.

DIY Cultures features a range of self-published material, media, and art with lots of workshops, talks, and screenings. I was upstairs on the 4th floor where the screenings and workshops were held. It was also the less busy section of the fair, and most people who came to my stall looked relieved to be away from the heaving crowds downstairs, which was weird cuz upstairs felt pretty damned heaving to me.

I'm always worried about attending zine events where my silly little perzines and fanzines might not fit in within a larger crowd of art zines, but  it was such an ace day. And regardless of some of the more expensive zines that felt way out of my price range, overall I was so impressed with how genuinely diverse the fair seemed to be. It wasn't just a sea of white people selling or trading zines with other white people. There were also lots of families and kids and lots of newcomers to zines that were very excited to be there, it was just a really nice atmosphere.

Cool Schmool zine stall ready for action!

I didn't let the fact that the day started with someone telling me my zines looked "really rustic and authentic looking." Fuck. Off.

As usual I attempt to tell nearly everyone that comes to my table that my Bruce fanines aren't really about Bruce, they are also perzines about obsession, fandom, and class. But the best surprise of the day was meeting a fucktonne of Bruce fans that didn't even need me to make any disclaimers.

I met another tattooed Bruce fan!
Also I got have good chats about PCOS with queers and rad fatties who came by to grab a copy of Joining the Dots zine. And a new friend even bought me a sausage and cheese bagel from Brick Lane. Bagels are the best currency you can bring to a zine fair, I highly recommend it.


I met a lot of awesome people and got to have some awesome chats. And here I am talking crap for London Live TV

And now to cure my zine fatigue... ACCIO PIZZA!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

DIY Cultures 2014

It's DIY Cultures this Sunday 25th May 2014 at Rich Mix, London 12- 7pm!

DIY Cultures is an awesome zine event with talks, workshops, screenings, and exhibitions. It's free to attend!

I will be tabling on Sunday so come say hello and let me give you stickers because I accidentally clicked an extra zero in the box when I was ordering them and so I may just stick stickers on your face.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dance Dance

Maybe it's because it's spring and it's sunny as hell outside, or maybe it's because my new tap dance classes start tonight and I can't wait to tap and stomp my feet, or maybe it's because I finally conquered burnout (for now) and for the first time in months I have evenings and weekends free or work and stress again, but I feel AWESOME!

And when I feel awesome, I feel like dancing. Last weekend me and some incredibly wonderful people dj'd 90s hits for our bff and zinester/artists extraordinaire Seleena at her birthday party in Manchester. We played all our favourite songs from our teenage years. Lots of Kenickie, bis, Lung Leg, Jack Off Jill, Urusei Yatsura, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and other hits and it was the best. On the coach back home I wondered whether I was truly stuck in the past as all my favourite bands truly are from the 90s, and maybe I was becoming one of those oldies unable to listen to new bands. Well if my favourite new bands didn't keep breaking up and leaving me high and dry I wouldn't be in this conundrum (MCR and Dananananaykroyd, I'm looking at you).

So to prove myself wrong here's my bedroom dancing playlist of mostly new music i.e. music that has been made since 1996!

No Ditching

Obsessed with this band doesn't even cover it. They've got a Gilmore Girls song!


I want the album and I want it now

Aye Nako

Apparently they do an awesome cover of Enter Sandman


I only just realised Tacocat is a palindrome

The Tuts

Makes me DANCE

White Lung

They are playing the same day as The Julie Ruin this month and I'm genuinely considering going to see White Lung instead. 

Lipstick Homicide

As usual I'm listening to this band cuz my Dad knows more about grrrl punk pop than I do


I'm still not over this band. Never will be.