Sunday, 27 April 2014

Death by Knitting

Kandy Diamond and her amazing knits are in town for a few months with her amazing new exhibition Death by Knitting at Prick Your Finger. The exhibition runs from 25th April to 7th June 2014 and you should all go!

The exhibition features large scale knitted pieces inspired by the use of knitting needles as murder weapons in films. It is AMAZING!

Somne of the pieces features scenes directly from films with 3d knitted effects over the top which join up to other works using coloured yarn as a connecting thread.

And some pieces are large scale images from films with knitted 3D effects. Don't worry, you get given a pair of 3d glasses at the exhibition to see these images pop out in your face!

There's also a long scroll of knitting with dialogue knitted in taken from The Old Dark House:
  And there's also a special zine produced for the exhibition with a 3d cover design!

Get yourself down to Prick Your Finger pronto for 3d cinematic knitted FUN!

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