Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Cooties Attacked

I love getting post, and today's surprise in my mail box made me well up and sob proper big tears of joy and loveliness.

My wonderful ex-bandmate and current member of The Swapsies had made a commemorative zine for our old bands Cooties Attack and Shrieking Shack Disco Gang.

In the zine are pix of us playing, fliers from every gig we played, setlists, lyrics, forgotten songs that we never recorded, and anecdotes from Huw including my favourite : "All I remember of this gig was that we were really quiet and I said to one of the organisers after 'that seemed to go well' to which she replied 'nah, there weren't enough gays' before walking off."

Cooties Attack was a diy bedroom pop band that I formed after my old band Smartypants died a death, and my nerves couldn't handle performing solo as Supercasio anymore. We were Huw, Melisa, and me. I lived with Melisa, and every Sunday Huw would come round for band practice. We'd play songs in my bedroom for a couple of hours, then eat all the food and watch Lord of the Rings. Later when Melisa left, we were joined by our friend Heena for a rather nervewracking gig with Kimya Dawson. 

Me and Huw and Melisa were also in a wizard rock band called Shrieking Shack Disco Gang. We wrote songs about Harry Potter and played wizard rock shows and put out a couple of EPs, one of which was released through the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club. We were our favourite of the UK Wrock bands cuz we are egotistical like that, and a lot of other Wrock bands did slow songs, and we've never really been that fond of slow songs. 

Those two bands meant the world to me. Thinking about recording our first cd and bringing in a backpack full of irn bru and donuts in the studio and then going to toys-R-us next door while a sound engineer did some mixing makes me smile with joy. I'm so proud of everything we achieved and sometimes I'm sad that we didn't get to do more. But it's not a bad sadness, it's a good sadness, it's that I was so proud of us and I will always wish I could go back and re-live those Cooties days. 

This is the best thing I've got through the post in forever. I love this zine with all my heart. It made me cry and it made me proud and it made me miss my friends. 

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