Friday, 14 March 2014

Burnout zine

It's been a pretty zinetastic week! 

1. I made a new mini zine!

Burnout is a mini zine about, well, Burnout! It's about what happens when your to-do list is out of control and you make yourself ill and exhausted by saying yes to everything. It's about dreaming of a better life where you can just eat pizza and watch My Mad Fat Diary in peace.  
Copies of Burnout will be available at the Yorkshire Zine Weekender this weekend. And you can also get it online NOW from my zine shop 

2. Zine workshop!

I found out yesterday that I've been asked to help co-ordinate a zine workshop at the library where I work. It's the very same workshop that I've been super angry about for the last few weeks. I work at an art library for a gallery that rhymes with 'mate' and begins with 'T' and in a few weeks time we were scheduled to hold a zine event where attendees could explore the gems in our library and archive collections and then create a zine. The event was charging £100 for attendance. 
I don't know a single person in the zine community that could afford this and felt angry that my incredibly large and incredibly affluent organisation was charging such a huge amount where other libraries would make their zine workshops and events free of charge. Our library and archive collections are always free for members of the public to access at all times, so putting a barrier in place felt stupidly ridiculous. I was also extra angry that this event had been organised without any involvement from the library team but that's work politics I guess.

Thankfully we received a number of complaints about the price of admission (and not all from me, yay!) and the price is now being reduced and the event has been postponed until July. I've now been asked to lead a session at the workshop exploring the library collections and talking about zines. I'm waiting to hear what the final price of admission will be as I'm pushing for this to be free, and if it's not then I'm not sure I can take part. But I have fingers, toes, and eyes crossed and hopefully we can make this a really awesome zine event. I'd post a link to the event page, but I'm refusing to promote it until I know the price of admission.

3. Upcoming zine project!

I've been asked to collaborate with The Femme Fatales, a feminist collective who will be performing at the Yard Theatre in April. I'll be creating a zine with them and finding fun ways to show off their alter-egos/superhero identities as well as parodying old skool 90s riot grrrl zines. I'm gonna need a pile of old J-17s, some scissors, and some glue. I'm excited! 

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