Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bad Rep vs Fanny Pack

Me and my beloved Bad Rep gang are stupidly excited about our upcoming dance party this saturday 8th March as part of Wowzers Fest

Wowzers Fest is an intersectional feminist fringe festival taking place in London this weekend. The event is completely crowd funded and is FREE to attend, hosting workshops and fun things all weekend long. 

There are some amazing panels and discussions and workshops and activities taking place and collaborations with amazing people such as Hollaback, The Girls Are, Girl Germs, For Books' Sake, the Yes Resource. Have I mentioned it's FREEEEEEE!

Bad Rep is hosting a one-off dance party on the Saturday night with the amazing Fanny Pack. We will be playing riot grrrl queerxcore punk pop teen-c 9T6 bedroom pop loud loud loud sweaty angry hits. It's been so long since the Bad Rep team have been reunited with the full team, and who knows when we will next get the chance to do this again. So make sure you come! It's totally free to come but you do need to book tickets which you can do here

Come dance with the queers and misfits. There are gender neutral toilets and the venue is completely accessible. For more information about the whole festival head to Wowzers hq

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