Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My year in lists

It's really super easy to kick yourself at this time of year and feel bad about missed opportunities, or measuring yourself against weird standards. I'm a bit of a Pollyanna and each year I make a list of awesome. It's all the things I've done, all the little things I've achieved, all the things I've been lucky to experience, all the best moments that remind me to pull my head outta my ass and not fall into the trap of judging my life at the end of a calendar year. 

I wrote 5 zines!

Me and Bruce (and my Dad) is the zine I'm most proud of this year

I tabled at zine fairs - DIY Cultures, Alternative Press fair, Autumn Zine Fest, and Queer Zine Fest. QZFL was the best. OBVS.

I went to Paris and bought a lot of tat! (aka the day the Eiffel tower went beserk)

I started writing about comics for For Books' Sake

This year I learned that when my dance teacher told me aged 13 that I didn't have a 'dancer's body' that she was bullshitting me. I dance and I have a body, therefore I have a dancer's body! 

I completed a tap dancing course, 2 hip hop courses, grade 1 and grade 2 ballet. I've performed at the Oxford Jam Conference, at various open classes, and most recently I performed in 5 routines at the Irreverent Dance showcase, and I am now super happy to report that I am Community Liaison for the Irreverent Dance board. 

I went on rollercoasters. Lots of em. 

I slept in train stations, I camped out overnight, and I stood in the rain and I got myself into a fucktonne of debt that I cannot pay back to follow Springsteen around on tour. I regret nothing. 

I played bedroom pop songs at No Dicks Allowed

I met total fucking heroes

And other people met heroes on my behalf

I finally got a dog! Kinda. 

I survived a flood!

I survived losing my favourite band

I fulfilled a lifelong dream and FINALLY saw Helen Love play live!

I fell in love with my best friend and I've been on the best dates imaginable - Namco, hot dog dates, ghost bus, dog shows, Bruce Springsteen singalongs, Metallica at the Imax. 

I played a lot of D+D

I was so fucking proud of my friends' achievements

I dj'd at things

I got to see way more of my northern friends

And my london friends continue to be the best family I could ask for

2013 has been brilliant. In 2014 I want more fun, more zines, more gaming, more tattoos, more comics, more dancing, more bravery, more adventures, more hot dogs, and a dog for real. 

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