Sunday, 3 November 2013

It's only in neon so come out and grab it

As the days get shorter and everything gets darker I start to wonder if I should invest in one of them S.A.D lamps. But really what I want in my life is for there to be neon signs all over my bedroom. Flashing lights, neon writing, and big old beautiful signs everywhere, that's gotta be a pep rally in lights, right?

Yesterday I went to God's Own Junkyard, home of  the amazing lightwork and neon signs of Chris Bracey.

Chris Bracey has been making and desining neon art works and signage for 37 years. These are all held here at God's Own Junkyard in Walthamstow. The inside display area is open until the 10th of November when it will sadly be closing. Hopefully they will find a new home soon, but get down there quick if you can and have a look round my room of DREAMS.

Here are some of the beauties we saw:

The inside display area is open Friday & Saturday 10.30 - 5pm and Sunday 11pm - 4pm. Get yrsen down there to gawp at the best collection of neon signage. Or pretend you are in that episode of Luther. Whichever you prefer. 

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