Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Queer Zine Fest London 2013

Queer Zine Fest London is back in just a few weeks. It's queer zine christmas! 

Like most zinesters, I'll be attempting to make a brand new mini zine in time for the fest, but just in case I don't then I will still have plenty of new zines with me on the day. Since the last QZFl in Dec 2013, I've made 4 brand new zines, which you can get from me on the day, as well as all my old stock and a revised and updated edition of my 2010 zine School is a Battlefield for your heart:

Here are 5 reasons why QZFL is ace:

1. It's zines made by queers for queers! Usually at other zine fests I spend my time rummaging and searching for zines with queer content. Sometimes there is very little depending on who's organised it and who's tabling, and often it can be a little hetero heavy. Not at QZFL!

2. I am bored to fuck with 'zine' fairs selling art zines for a fiver a pop. My experience of zines is purely from a diy kinda background. These zines are cheap (between 50p - £1), they are photocopied and tatty, they are text heavy. If I see another zine fest looking more like an artists' books fair populated by zines which are a few pages of line drawings of birds for the going rate of £5 I'm gonna hulk the fuck out. I'm so bored of art zines and things that cost lotsa money. I don't know which art schools are telling their students that artists' books and zines are the same thing but it needs to stop. Luckily at QZFl, zines are priced really well, with most things costing around £1, it's totally affordable! Zines at QZFL are all different styles and about all different kinds of things, but you are less likely to find a room full of artists' books pretending to be zines here.

3.Awesome talks and workshops and events! Last year my table was right by the talks area and when it was quiet I got to listen in on some super awesome talks from experienced zinesters who had made amazing contributions to the queer zine community. Hopefully there'll be more this year!

4. Space Station 65 is such an awesome venue with some great exhibitions. The space is fully accessible and welcoming with wheelchair access and gender neutral toilet facilities. 

5. I'm tabling with the amazing Kirsty Fife, creator of Hard Femme zine! Kirsty is working on #2 of Hard Femme in time for the fest and I can't bloody wait. 

Full list of zinesters and distros is available on the QZFL sit and includes awesome people like Queer Zine Archive Project, Melanie Maddison, Cherrybomb Comix, and Sister Ectoplasma.

Queer Zine Fest takes place Sunday 1st December at Space Station Sixty Five. See you there!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Wanna see me disco?

In just a couple of weeks I will be dancing with Irreverent Dance at our inaugural dance showcase. I've wrote about dancing lots and also why I love Irreverent Dance for providing a safe welcoming space for adult beginners, queer and trans* dancers, while promoting body positivity. So I don't need to tell you all this again.

But what I do need to tell you is that tickets are on sale NOW and you should come watch, support, and cheer on. Here's 5 reasons why:

1. It's gonna be like High School Musical but with queers and body positivity and Usher.

2. I am co-producing the zine programme for the event which will be available on the night.

3. The dancers on stage are adult beginners giving it their all and being damned brave in front of lots of people. 

4. Ballet, tap, swing, hip hop, we got it all.

5. Did I mention Usher?

Sunday, 3 November 2013

It's only in neon so come out and grab it

As the days get shorter and everything gets darker I start to wonder if I should invest in one of them S.A.D lamps. But really what I want in my life is for there to be neon signs all over my bedroom. Flashing lights, neon writing, and big old beautiful signs everywhere, that's gotta be a pep rally in lights, right?

Yesterday I went to God's Own Junkyard, home of  the amazing lightwork and neon signs of Chris Bracey.

Chris Bracey has been making and desining neon art works and signage for 37 years. These are all held here at God's Own Junkyard in Walthamstow. The inside display area is open until the 10th of November when it will sadly be closing. Hopefully they will find a new home soon, but get down there quick if you can and have a look round my room of DREAMS.

Here are some of the beauties we saw:

The inside display area is open Friday & Saturday 10.30 - 5pm and Sunday 11pm - 4pm. Get yrsen down there to gawp at the best collection of neon signage. Or pretend you are in that episode of Luther. Whichever you prefer.