Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dancing in the dark

I wrote a new zine!

Dancing in the Dark is all about how I'm a dancer. Oh by the way, it turns out that if you call yourself a thing then it's totally true. I'M A DANCER!

I wrote Dancing in the Dark to talk about all the silly ways dance has been in my life. From forced ballet lessons as a kid, making up dance routines to East 17 and Janet Jackson in my bedroom, dancing as part of self care, and body positivity as a fat dancer. 

Unfortunately I'm not able to attend Autumn Zine Fest tomorrow on account of it being my BFFs birthday party so you can't get a copy from me there as planned. But I did just update my zine shop to add my new zine as well as other new zines I made this year like my Radical Cheerleading zine

You can order zines from my zine shop here:

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