Monday, 5 August 2013

Awesome August!

August is my favourite month of the year, it's party time!

Reasons why August is AWESOME

1. It's the month of birthdays! I hang out with way too many Leos cuz a bunch of my friends all have birthdays this month which means cake and sleepovers and hangtimes and super fun party times. Also it's my birthday! And to celebrate I'm having a super fun birthday tea party with bffs with hot dogs and karaoke and cake.

2. I'm going to Alton Towers! Despite the fact that my last google search was 'deaths at Alton Towers', I'm super hyper and out of my mind with excitement for my trip to Alton Towers next weekend. It's a birthday treat from Froogs and I'm gonna ride all the rollercoasters until I puke. ALL OF THEM! PUKE! SO MUCH PUKE!

3. I'm going to see Derren Brown! I'm a little bit in love with Derren Brown and magic. Good magic, not shit magic. In fact the awesome Jailhouse Judo did a special episode of their radio show recently all about magic and I recommend you give it a listen right now. I'm giddy at the thought of seeing Derren Brown live again. There's a lot of little moments in his live shows that never really make it to the TV specials and it's always a brilliant night.

 photo derrenbrowngif_zpsbb4e8d7f.gif

4. I'm going to Reading festival! Despite the fact that I decided I was too old for this shit and would never go back to a festival unless Dananananaykroyd or MCR reformed and played, I decided that I wanted another Reading adventure this year. The Friday lineup alone is making my head spin. Deftones and SOAD! ARGH!

5. I'm gonna have a zine stall at the next SCUMBAG, organised by Len and Melissa. There will be zine stalls and film screening, djs, and dancing queers all night long. You should come!

6. Me and my Bad Rep team will be djing at the Armpits4August event at the end of August. We are excited to be djing again and we will play lots of dirty scuzzy Bad Rep songs. I've also got some thoughts about Armpits4August and PCOS which I'll talk about later... And in shameless zine plug, if you wanna find out more about PCOS you can read my zine

7.I'm going to see the B52s! I've never seen them before EVER and I'm gonna dance this mess around finally!

8. Harry and the Potters are going on their first UK tour since 2007! ARGH! Unfortunately the London show I'd organised for them at the Canada Water library fell through, but fear not, they are playing LeakyCon in London and are also going on a UK tour with the bloody wonderful Martha!

9. Dance lessons begin again at the end of August and I can challenge myself doing things that are way out of my comfort zone again and get back into weekly dance sessions. They are good for my brain, good for my feet, and good for pep!

10. I have set a deadline for myself to complete my current zine which is all about dancing. I swear on the holiness that is Bruce Springsteen's face, that this will be finished at the end of August. I'm just waiting for one final contribution from someone and then it's pritt stick and photocopier time. This is my 3rd zine of the year and in all honestly it's the most prolific I've been since I was a teen zine writer.

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