Thursday, 25 July 2013

Radical Cheerleading zine

It's the Radical Cheerleading workshop this weekend at Indietracks. Unfortunately, I've had to pull out due to life stuff, but Seleena will be running this workshop solo. It's fine, I thought, I will contribute in other ways. And I did, I discussed the planning of the workshop with Seleena, and helped set it up, and I had the bright idea of writing a mini radical cheerleading zine to be given out for free to all attendees at the workshop. Awesome, right?

Well look what I forgot to post out to Seleena this week...

That's right, here are some of the radical cheerleading zines I made. But you won't see them as they are currently sitting in an envelope in my bedroom because I forgot to post them to Seleena in time.

I'm gonna upload these here and also to our radical cheerleading blog in the next few days so hopefully you can access them that way instead. And if anyone wants a physical copy then just let me know as they are free and I made them in mind for the workshop attendees. 

I'm gonna blame my fuck up on the fact that I've been following Bruce Springsteen round on tour the last few weeks and my head has been all over the place and I've been too busy on megabuses travelling round to have got my shit together. I'm very sorry.

I hope you all have a super awesome time at Indietracks this weekend. The radical cheerleading workshop is gonna be awesome but also check out our friends workshops too and get yourself crafting with some pom pom pets and some feltmaking. And enjoy the hell out of Helen Love for me please!

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