Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Radical Cheerleaders rule ok!

So a while ago I announced that Seleena and I would be hosting a Radical Cheerleading workshop at Indietracks 2013 and it was very exciting indeed.

Bring it on photo BIOgif_zps8bd561f3.gif

Unfortunately due to boring life things such has having a job that ruins all fun things, I now won't be able to host this workshop with Seleena and I've had to pull out. Booooo :( Instead I've been helping to plan the workshop with her and I've produced a mini zine handout for the event which Seleena will be taking to the workshop for attendees. Seleena is a total pro and will be leading the workshop solo. She's gonna whip you into a state of pep and excitement and get you all stamping and cheering and rhyming. So if you're heading to Indietracks next week, make sure you check out the workshops and get yourself along for an introduction in radical cheerleading.

There will be a special Radical Cheerleading zine coming out soon which Seleena and I will work on after Indietracks, but in the meantime get yourself pepped up with some cheerleading inspiration!

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