Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Squad set? You Bet!

Guess who's back?

That's right, the Radical Cheerleaders are holding a special workshop at this year's Indietracks. We'll be writing cheers, teaching basic steps, and giving you everything you need to be a radical cheerleader.

Seleena and I became the Radical Cheerleaders in 2002 and made our debut at Ladyfest London that year. We then went on to record cassette albums, we performed with our favourite bands such as Bis, Gossiip, Valerie, Blue Minkies, we wrote zines, and we even appeared as a secret track on the Motormark album. Wanna know more about us and more about radical cheerleading history then check out our radical cheerleading archive blog

We hope to see you at Indietracks. Helen Love are playing!

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