Thursday, 27 June 2013

Down at the disco where nobody knows

Me and my Bad Rep gang are back to dj at the wonderful Blooody Ice Cream night next Friday 5th July!

Bloody Ice Cream is a super awesome night in South London featuring grrrl bands, zine stalls, and djs. Live music from Annette Berlin, Cat Bear Tree, Yeah And She Has Red Lips Too. Bad Rep djs will play the usual mix of riot grrrl queerxcore punk pop indie teen-c emo hip hop hits! 

Here's some hits I might play:

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Squad set? You Bet!

Guess who's back?

That's right, the Radical Cheerleaders are holding a special workshop at this year's Indietracks. We'll be writing cheers, teaching basic steps, and giving you everything you need to be a radical cheerleader.

Seleena and I became the Radical Cheerleaders in 2002 and made our debut at Ladyfest London that year. We then went on to record cassette albums, we performed with our favourite bands such as Bis, Gossiip, Valerie, Blue Minkies, we wrote zines, and we even appeared as a secret track on the Motormark album. Wanna know more about us and more about radical cheerleading history then check out our radical cheerleading archive blog

We hope to see you at Indietracks. Helen Love are playing!

Friday, 14 June 2013

June update and holiday!

Summer fun adventures have already started, June has been a busy 'un and it's about to get even better as I got on holidays next week. So what have I been up to?

I tabled at Alt Press Spring Fair and had some proper awesome chats with proper awesome people. Us fat queers with PCOS have lots to say apparently, and so it was ace to chat to people.  However I did see a zine on sale for £26 at the fair and I felt super out of place amongst the super expensive art zines. A girl picked up my diy comic about Bruce and asked me how long I'd been working in the medium of illustration for. THE MEDIUM OF ILLUSTRATION! I have never said that sentence nor had it applied to me, EVER but it was kinda funny and I explained that I can't draw but I like drawing people with round heads and stick figure bodies and showed her the picture of a plane I drew that ended up looking like a sea mammal. 

Speaking of people that also work in THE MEDIUM OF ILLUSTRATION (I guess that makes us peers right?), I went to the very awesome talk organised by Comica with the amazing Jaime Hernandez in conversation with Woodrow Phoenix. Jaime Hernandez is a proper hero. Love and Rockets changed my life when I read it. When I was a teenage riot grrrl convinced that I didn't like comics because they were stupid and for boys and all about superheroes, Love and Rockets was there to prove me wrong. (In fact if yr interested the following comic titles were responsible for getting me into comics today - 1. Love and Rockets 2. Strangers in Paradise 3. Uncanny X-Men anthologies by Chris Claremont 4. Batman: The Killing Joke 5. The Ballad of Halo Jones. All found in my local public library as my town didn't have a comic shop.) Anyway, it was amazing to hear Jaime speak about his process and about the characters I've loved since forever. I had a super shy meeting with Jaimie after the talk and he drew me a little Maggie.  

I went to Thorpe Park with my bffs and rode rollercoasters, drank slushies, and got sunburnt all day. Here's my sexy face screaming my lungs out on Nemisis. The Saw ride made me cry, unfortunately there is no photo evidence of that. 

I played d&d with my d&d group. We don't get to meet that regular since all our schedules are all over the place, but when we do it's the most fun ever. I levelled up and managed to free an enslaved sentient body of water from an evil goblin dictator. Also check out my new sweet dice bag courtesty of Froogs.

I started beginners ballet lessons with the amazing Irreverent Dance. I've already written about my love of dancing and how I'm proud to be a fat dancer, but I just wanted to add that ballet is one of the best and bravest things I've done this year. It's totally out of my comfort zone and challenges me in totally unexpected ways, but I come out of each lesson feeling pumped and awesome and like I've learned something new, even if it's just how to to stand up straight properly. 

 photo Brucegifsuperbowl_zps23b56b1d.gif

And then of course June is the start of my summer of Bruce. He's in the country and I'm on holiday as of tomorrow. I'll be heading to Wembley, Glasgow, and Coventry next week and please keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for me that he plays It's Hard to be a Saint in the City. And if you are laughing at my Bruce obsession and maybe don't quite understand why a working class queer feminist might love Bruce Springsteen then here's a zine I wrote about it 

And speaking of zines, I'm attempting to finish a zine about dancing in time for international zine month in July, and I've just started work on a zine about trans characters in comics which if I'm honest probably won't be finished for ages. Especially as the 'research' just involves reading a lot of comics. My life is HARD.

And then I'm doing something which I can't quite tell you about just yet. But it's in July and it's gonna be rad. Squad set? You bet!

 photo itsallhappening_zps96fa870c.gif