Sunday, 19 May 2013

The glowing world of snotboobs and the severed toe

This weekend I went on a tour of the north to see some friends and visit family and while I was there I made a trip to see this amazing exhibition:

 Yiiikes is a brand new art collective formed by the most amazing rad grrrls: Seleena Laverne Daye, Kandy Diamond, and Alison Erika Forde

Alison + Kandy + Seleena are Yiiikes!

Individually, they are completely amazing artists all working in different mediums. The Glowing World of Snotboobs... is their first exhibition as a collective and all the details surrounding the exhibition had been super hush-hush leading up to opening night. I had no idea what to expect from the exhibition. I knew it would be glo in the dark, I knew it would be a mixture of large scale textile pieces incorporating knit and felt, as well as painted pieces, and above all I knew it would be FUN.

We arrived at the Islington Mill where the exhibition was being held and I was so giddy with excitement I thought I was gonna puke. I'd also just eaten a large quantity of cheese so my excited brain and my lactose intolerant tummy were making me frantic.

Only a few people are allowed into the exhibition at one time, so you collect your ticket from Kandy and await your turn. It was like being at a theme park or something, I was THAT excited to just be in a queue! Once we got called in we were instructed to take our shoes off and put on black cloaks and that once we were inside the exhibition we mustn't touch any of the pieces as they were delicate and also we must stick to the path. Shoes off? Cloaks on? Path? This wasn't yr standard art exhibition! Putting my cloak on I felt like I was going to Hogwarts. And then once we were through the black curtain, all was revealed...

Cloaks on, wands out, we're going to Hogwarts. Or maybe not...

Behind the curtain was  a strange dark creppy daydream world which you are fully immersed in. The black cloaks are to keep the room dark and to make you feel part of the daydream world so you aren't distracted by the glow of your own clothes. Inside every single piece glows in the dark. With very little lighting you rely on the brightly coloured gross glo in the dark path which has been painted especially to guide you through this world. And here are just a few of the things you see along your travels (apologies for the crap photos. These pieces are all glo in the dark but unfortunately I couldn't capture the glow and had to turn my flash on to take pictures. You really need to see this for yourself to get the full creepy glow in the dark experience)

Large scale knitted logs with pom pom mold and fungus

Creepy jars with creepy things! Eyeballs! Intestines! Hearts! Goo! The detail on these smaller pieces is AMAZING

A hovering snotboobs bra suspended in the air

Knited and felt mushrooms with pom pom fungus and creepy eyeballs

A gross coloured wishing well.
A severed toe completed with eyeballs and a tongue
Large scale glow in the dark forest scape complete with creepy eyes in the trees watching your every move and branches made of snot boobs.
Felt eyeballs and pom pom mold
Stay on the path kids!
The trees are watching you
HUGE giant felt mushroom
I think we're being watched...
A knitted tree covered in eyeballs, goo, with some knitted intestines at it's feet
A collection of felt mushrooms and pom pom mold

I didn't take pictures of everything, there is much MUCH more to see and you really need to experience it anyway rather than just look at pictures. I saw the exhition twice on opening night and I took in so much more detail the second time round. 

When you come out of the exhibition there's an amazing photo opportunity!

Accompanying the exhibition is a large scale replica of a Garbage Pail Kids sticker which you can stick your head through and become a monster too. Except instead of Garbage Pail Kids, it's Rubbish Bin Kids! Here's me sticking my head through:

 As a souvenir of your trip you can get a printed sticker of yourself as a Rubbish Bin Kid. In fact there's loads of amazing merch:

Yiiikes t-shirts, photobooth stickers, eyeball badges, and an exhibition postcard set. 

As an extra treat for opening night, the Garbage Pail Kids movie is showing all night long on the first floor. Best film EVER. So much snot and vomit and triumph over beautiful people - that's my kinda movie!

I can't say enough about this exhibition. There are plans for it to go on tour and so if it comes to a city near you then make sure you do everything you can to go see it. I'm so damned proud to have such talented friends that can make something so beautiful and big and fun, I wish all art was like this.

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