Monday, 29 April 2013

I was born to be a dancer

A few weeks ago I performed at the Oxford Jam conference with Irreverent Dance. We had 8 weeks of beginners dance lessons, during that time I learned some basic tap (I still can't do a time step) and some hip hop moves. We were all beginners, we all made mistakes, we all had a go and got ourselves into a right sweat and had the most fun ever.

I wrote about why dancing is the best antidepressant I've ever found here and it's true. I'm now working on a new summer zine project and I'm writing a zine all about dance, specifically fat dancers, and why dancing is the best part of my day. I've loved being part of Irreverent dance classes. I like being a fat dancer, I like shaking all the parts of me that wobble, I like learning how to be aggressive with my dance moves, I like trying at things and giving it a go even when I'm not very good and make mistakes, it feels amazing. 

Here is our final performance from Oxford Jam. I'm dead proud of my Irreverent Dance gang and even though we were nervous as hell we all gave it a go and it was the most fun night ever. 

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