Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Queer Christmas!

It's the LLGFF this week which means one thing - it's Queer Christmas!

Every year I get the most excited ever as I get to spend a whole week (remember when it was 2 weeks?) on the southbank with an army of queers, watching a fucktonne of films, getting over excited, and taking over a space full of posh people. It. Is. Brilliant.

There was the time that my friends made this totally awesome Le Tigre feminist karaoke video and it was shown as part of the short film programme and we were so proud and excited.

There was the time my totally awesome friends programmed an evening of films of FUN including John Waters' Hairspray, and the amazing Fabulous Stains

There was the time that me and my bff got up out of our seats as did everyone else and danced like crazy in the cinema at the end of the Invasion of the Chubsters

I love the LLGFF. I love invading a space full of posh people drinking wine and eating bowls of olives with my scruffy scummy mates. I love getting so excited I could burst, I love seeing wall to wall queers, I love seeing really inspiring life changing films, I love seeing really awful 'ohmygodhowdidthisevengetmade?' kind of films, I love dancing, I love making new friends, I love Queer Christmas!

Last year me and my gang were super lucky to dj at the LLGFF. We ran a queer club night called Bad Reputation and we were amazing. For one night we took over the bar and made it messy. We started a mosh pit in the foyer and when we ran out of space to dance, we pushed the chairs out of the way and started dancing on the tables instead. 

We are super psyched to be djing again this year at LLGFF. Bad Rep djs will be playing all our hits this Saturday 16th March at the Riverfront Bar at the BFI from 8:30pm til late and it's FREE!

This is us last year behind the decks at BFI. Things were about to get M-E-S-S-Y.

I think there's still some tickets left for some of the films left at LLGFF so get yrself some if you haven't already! Although tickets are quite expensive (aka usual price for the bfi) and while I love love LOVE Queer Christmas every year, I always feel frustrated when I can't afford to go to things. 

Oh and LLGFF are thinking about changing their name. If you have suggestions then you can email them
The LLGFF do such a great job of programming trans films, workshops, and events, it would be amazing to FINALLY have the 'T' added to that title. Email 'em and get involved! 

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