Sunday, 6 January 2013

Darkness on the edge of fandom

It's new year and new zines and I am feeling super inspired and so began writing my second issue of my Bruce Zine today!

Me and Bruce was the first zine I wrote about my obsession with Bruce Springsteen. It's a diy comic explaining how I got into The Boss and documenting all the weird ways he has been present in my life. I was never planning to show the zine to anyone, it was more of a diary I was writing for myself, trying to get to the bottom of my obsession with Bruce. I never really thought anyone else would want to read it and I never imagined that there would be other diy feminist queers out there that felt the same as me. I was really shocked last year when I took the zine to Queer Zine Fest London and had the most amazing conversations with a handful of queers that GOT IT. 

My wonky Bruce tattoo!

I find it hard to explain my love for Bruce. He's a white heterosexual middle aged male millionaire stadium rocker. I'm a working class diy queer feminist. I just don't listen to music like Springsteen's as a rule. My favourite bands tend to have drum machines and keyboards and they tend to be from Glasgow in 1996. The first zine I wrote never really explored why it is that I love him and his music so much, it just described the different ways he's in my life. Since I wrote that zine I've become much more aware of other people within queer and diy communities sharing my love for Bruce.

There are so many Bruce zines and comics right now!

Because The Boss Belongs to Us: Queer Femmes on Bruce Springsteen is a super ace zine full of stories of queers connecting to Bruce. You can download the full pdf here

Wings for Wheels is an incredible comic anthology that comes in the most beautiful record sleeve slip case ever. It's a compilation of stories describing funny anecdotes and personal connections to Bruce through childhood memories. It also has the most beautiful artwork. I can't recommend this comic enough!

The amazing Joe DeGeorge from Harry and the Potters has started his own comic. And yeah ok, so these comics are technically about the band Good Luck, however issue 1 features the one and only Bruce, and issue 2 is possibly the greatest tribute to Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band that I've seen. You can buy both issues here

My favourite Bruce pic in the whole fucking world

The lovely Charlotte Richardson Andrews sent me this amazing article the other day called On Bruce Springsteen and Disappointing Fathers which I'm now a little bit obsessed with. I realise that a lot of my Bruce obsession is partly to do with my Dad and his experiences, although not really to do with any fallouts with my Dad like this article talks about. I've appropriated so much of the characters and lyrics in Springsteen's songs to fit my Dad, and I think I'm finally starting to understand why I love The Boss so much. I've decided the next issue of my zine is called Me + Bruce + My Dad and hopefully I'll have it finished by next month.

Also it's the 40th anniversary of Greetings From Asbury Park this weekend, so lets all have a dance to celebrate!

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