Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bad Rep zine

Bad Reputation was one of the most awesome things that I was ever part of. Back in Summer 2011 I dj'd at a birthday party at the amazing Resistance Gallery and got to know Garry Vanderhorne, owner and manager of the best venue I've ever been to. He invited me to set up a new queer club night at his venue and so I assembled my gang of bffs and Bad Rep was born. 

Froogs, Monkey, Zomboy, Casio djing at the freakin BFI!

We played riot grrrl punk pop hip hip diy queerxcore hits for queers + grrrls + punx + geeks from summer 2011 to Dec 2012. Sadly Bad Rep is no more, as the club itself was super time consuming and because there are other exciting projects in store for all of the Bad Rep collective. To mark the end of Bad Rep I made a mini zine transcribing part of an interview we had done with our friend Johanna for her zine on queer spaces. I took parts of the interview, drew cartoons of us all being earnest, and made a zine of our ramblings to give away for free to the first 50 people that came to the final ever Bad Rep. More people would have got copies had I not broken the photocopier at work frantically making copies in time for Queer Zine Fest London.

So for those who didn't get a copy I've scanned in the zine here for you read instead. I wrote more about Queer Zine Fest here and more about the final ever Bad Rep here

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