Monday, 31 December 2012

New year, new zines

At the end of the year I don't see any point in moping or being emo about the things that have gone wrong in 2012. I'm a super positive person, annoyingly so, and with that in mind I'm ridiculously excited for 2013! One of the things I'm most happy about 2012 is that when things got tough or weren't so great, I didn't fall into a complete abyss of emo, instead I made things and wrote things and it felt good. It felt like a life line. I wrote some zines in 2012 that I'm very proud of and I contributed to some incredible zines that I'm super psyched to have been part of. And so my only real resolution for 2013 is to make more things and to go back to zines in a big way. 

 And so I made this blog as a way to get my zines online and make them accessible. I now have my own zine shop and you can buy some stuff here:

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